New options for the treatment of hernias and eventrations

Even when herniorraphy is a common surgery, new techniques and prosthetic materials have improved results and patients evolution. Presently,there are two kinds of meshes to treat these pathologies.The absorbent patches and the non-absorbent ones.

Ther absorbent material is mechanically resistent, chemically inert and easy to sterilize. In opposition, the non-absorbent material is soft and profits a low rate of “strange body” granuloma. Combining their virtues LATECBA S.A. developed the ABDOPATCH line. A comparative study concerning the performance of all four models has been carrefully evaluated by GRANA et AL.

These authors studied the behaviour of these prostheses in the paper “Abdominal wall reinforcement with polyester meshes siliconed, collagened, permeable and not permeable, polypropilene mesh, and polyglycolic acid mesh.Comparative Study”

Today , LATECBA S.A' meshes availability increases the spectrum of alternatives to treat eventrations.